Effectuation – Leveraging Uncertainty

Dr. Carlos Morales

“Everyone has a plan until a pandemic hits them in the face.”

When it comes to facing uncertainty, effectuation is the tool par excellence, not just for entrepreneurs but for executives, too.

Effectuation is a logic of thinking for decision‑making. Originally coined to explain entrepreneurial behaviour, it has also been developed into a set of tools for companies to use when coping with highly uncertain scenarios.

In this workshop, I will give participants hands‑on experience of effectuation and show them how to use its key principles. I will adopt an experiential approach based on training sessions, lectures and company projects I have delivered over the past few years.

Effectuation challenges the tenets of strategic planning in precisely the same way that reality does. If you have also noticed that the tools you have been using all your life no longer apply, why not drop by … this workshop is for you!

speaker: Dr. Carlos Morales

Business Development
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Interessant für: Corporate/KMU, Gründungsinteressierte, Startups