Do You Need a Brand?

Wacom Europe GmbH

If a startup has its own brand, it can position itself successfully in the market. We tell you what factors make your company particularly strong.

Unfortunately, many startups experience what has already caused countless newly founded companies to disappear into nirvana. The more relevant and promising a product or business idea is, the faster other, often very large companies pick up the idea. The process of branding can help considerably to develop a truly sustainable product, to position a startup successfully in the market and avoid fatal mistakes right from the beginning. Whereas brand definition used to be based on two dimensions only, i.e. the promise of performance and the so‑called image, the emotional differentiation, nowadays there is a third, much more complex dimension. What social value does your business idea actually have? And does your idea conflict with the increasingly relevant environmental requirements and social values? It is precisely here that young startups can position themselves positively, stand out from the crowd and gain a distinct advantage over the bigger older brands.

speaker: Stefan Kirmse

Business Development, Gesellschaft/Werte, Marketing
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Interessant für: Corporate/KMU, Gründungsinteressierte