Decision Making in Teams


Making a decision together as a team is an art that can unleash creativity and productivity if successful. But how does it work?

When people meet to work together and carry out projects, decisions have to be made all the time. But as complexity increases, the usual decision‑making methods often reach their limits. So how can a joint decision be made that is sustainable? One possible solution is the method of systemic consensus, an increasingly popular method. It promotes system‑dependent cooperation and constructive behaviour, independent of appeals or good will. The old recipe for success based on competition and struggle thus becomes ineffective and cooperation takes its place as a success factor. During this event, you will learn how systemic consensus can help you make sustainable decisions with high acceptance. This is particularly useful in complex projects as it avoids systemic struggles and the division into winners and losers. It also avoids the disadvantages of other known decision‑making methods.

Attention: The language of the event is English.

cooperation partner: SEMINAR.HAUS

speaker: Christian Drees

Business Development, Human Ressources
SEMINAR.HAUS, Brehmstraße 3, 40239 Düsseldorf
Interessant für: Corporate/KMU, Gründungsinteressierte, Handwerk, Startups


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