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Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH

The market for artificial intelligence in embedded systems is huge. As a semiconductor manufacturer and solution provider, we are always on the lookout for new partners for our projects.

Renesas Electronics is a globally active Japanese semiconductor vendor. With this event we want to introduce ourselves, show what we are working on using three examples, discuss these in small groups and offer opportunities for exchange.

The projects we will present are:
1. Gas sensors for the detection and monitoring of substances indoors and outdoors. The evaluation of the data generated by the sensors requires new analysis methods based on artificial intelligence, among other things.
2. Predictive maintenance of industrial plants. Many causes of faults can already be identified in advance or can be found at an early stage using sensor technology and evaluation with artificial intelligence before a plant fails.
3. Object recognition with binary artificial neural networks. Due to current developments in semiconductor technology, artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in terminal devices. This enables processing in real time.

speakers: Waldemar Hinzmann, Marcus Eppert, Kirsten Jockers, Stefan Ungerechts

If you’re a startups or company developing eAI solutions and want to participate, apply by September 4th, 2020, with a short description of your business to

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