Meet the Future Developers

DCI Digital Career Institute gGmbH

This is a bilingual event.

Talents galore: students and graduates of the Digital Career Institute (DCI) Düsseldorf present their (final) papers and answer questions.

Our “Meet the Future Developers” session gives you the opportunity to get to know students and graduates from our courses “Web Development” and “Online Marketing/E‑Commerce” and listen to their current (final) theses. Be inspired by the creative ideas of young, talented web developers and online marketing specialists in the fields of mobile apps, web design, databases, social media and marketing strategy. Our advanced training courses at the Digital Career Institute specifically prepare students for their entry into the future‑oriented industry by means of intensive lessons and internships. We constantly update our course content and thanks to our extensive network in the technology industry, we know exactly what employers are looking for. After completing the intensive and comprehensive one‑year course, our talented students are well prepared to take on new challenges. This is also proven by our talent factory which is normally reserved for our partners. We will be providing a brief overview of this talent factory at the event.

Digitalisation & IoT
participants will receive the link to the digital event by e-mail shortly before the event begins
Target groups corporates / SMEs, skilled crafts and trades, startups, those interested in starting a business


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