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This is a bilingual event.

A pandemic rages and disrupts our lives in almost every way. Many people are afraid. We look for orientation to find our way in the chaos of information, false statements, facts and feelings. In our hackathon we want to find technology-based answers to the difficult social questions of our time together with you.

Let’s keep distance now, so we can h(ack)ug tomorrow! Keeping distance is easier said than done. Especially for people who belong to the risk groups that need special protection. Social isolation is thus becoming a growing problem and can, among other things, be a cause of depression. Within the framework of the DUShack, you now have the opportunity to create, together with other comrades-in-arms, a technology-based platform which should enable people to get in contact with each other in an easy to learn and intuitive way and at the same time keep the necessary distance.

The DUShack is limited to 35 people. All participants are divided into a maximum of 6 groups right at the beginning of the DUShack. The division will be based on your qualifications and previous knowledge. You will have a whole day to create something new and innovative before you present your results to a jury in the evening. Afterwards, the award ceremony will take place, where we will distribute various material prizes to the best winners.

If you would like to use your skills as a web developer, online marketing expert, graphic designer, entrepreneur, moderator or as someone with any other profession, secure a place at our DUShack now and do something good!

#DUShack #dci #WeCreateMovement

Digitalisation & IoT
participants will receive the link to the digital event by e-mail shortly before the event begins
Target groups corporates / SMEs, investors / business angels, skilled crafts and trades, startups, those interested in starting a business


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